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Strategic action plan for 2010 - 2013
I.   The African Mathematical Union

Founded in 1976 in Rabat, Morocco, by all African mathematicians, the African Mathematical Union (AMU) is a scientific organization whose objectives are to:

  • Contribute through research activities to the development  of mathematics throughout Africa;
  • Promote and encourage exchanges and cooperation between the African mathematicians and the international mathematical community in the areas of Research, Training and Education;
  • Publish and distribute quality books and journals of mathematics

To achieve these objectives, the AMU has created a scientific journal called "Afrika Matematika”.

After more than 30 years of regular publication, "Afrika Matematika" will be published from 2010 by the Publisher Springer - Verlag.

Several working committees were also created:

  • The  Commission of Mathematics Education in Africa;
  • The Commission of Research & Innovation in Mathematical sciences;
  • The Commission of the History of Mathematics in Africa;
  • The Commission on Women and Mathematics in Africa;
  • And the Commission on Pan African Mathematics Olympiads.

The AMU is administered by an Executive Committee (EC) responsible for coordinating all activities of the Union. The EC consists of the President, five Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General and four members. The EC works mainly by e-mail.

The current President of the AMU is Professor Saliou Toure of the Ivory Coast, the Secretary General is Prof. Daniel Makinde of South Africa.

II.  The Strategic Plan of AMU

Aware of the gap between developed countries and African countries, considering that the mathematical sciences are the foundation of modern science and technology, and anxious to give new impetus to mathematical research in Africa, the African Mathematical Union (AMU) is proposing to organize and mobilize international solidarity and scientific cooperation to :

  • Renovate and harmonize the teaching of mathematics in all regions of Africa (North Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa and West Africa);
  • Provide a high level of training of mathematicians and major users of Mathematics (Physicists, Mathematical Engineers, Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, researchers, ...);
  • To support doctoral and post doctoral programs through Regional Centers of Excellence in Mathematics;
  • Promote the mobility of faculty and students in different parts of Africa;
  • Promote research in mathematics (Theory and Applications) by the federation and the enhancement of scientific capacity in Africa.

To achieve these objectives, the AMU will undertake actions in the priority areas of training, research and dissemination of research results.

In particular, the AMU will:

  • Establish partnership agreements with organizations with similar objectives, including the IMU, CIMPA, ICMI, ICTP, UNESCO and AFRICAN UNION;
  • Seek from the partner organizations Scholarship of Excellence for graduate students;
  • Establish, in partnership with existing or future thematic networks, working programs  and exchange programs for students, teachers and researchers between the different universities and Centers of research in Africa;
  • Call upon confirmed mathematicians from both Northern and Southern Universities  to provide pedagogical and educational training for students;
  • Organize annually, Schools, Conferences, Seminars, Local, regional, international Symposia and Pan African Mathematics Olympiads (PAMO);
  • Promote research stays of African mathematicians in Northern and Southern Universities and Research Centers ;Facilitate the access of its members to the international mathematical literature.

III. Work programs

III.1. Scientific Program

The scientific areas in the AMU training and research program cover all   mathematics, its applications and interactions.

AMU will organize each year, local, regional and international Conferences and Seminars, the Pan African Mathematics Olympiads and the School of Mathematics in Africa (SMA), in rotation, in one or more universities of the five following regions of Africa:

  • North Africa;
  • East Africa;
  • Southern Africa;
  • Central Africa;
  • West Africa.

III.2. Program activities in 2011

In 2011, we plan to organize:

  • At least one School of Mathematics in Africa (SMA). Madagascar, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria and Tunisia are candidates to organize a SMA in 2011 ;
  • The Pan African Mathematics Olympiads (PAMO) in Tunis (Tunisia);
  • International Symposium on  Mathematics Education in Africa in Tunis (Tunisia);
  • An International Conference on the theme: " Mathematical Epidemiology, Problems of flows and Sentinels” in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) from June 4 to 10;
  • Many other international scientific meetings in different African Countries.

Abidjan, September 14, 2010

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