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What is PAMO ?
The Pan African Mathematics Olympiads (PAMO) are prestigious event of the African Mathematics Union (AMU) organized each year in an African Country where the best pupils in Mathematics of the Secondary Education who are less than twenty (20) years old, are invited to compete. While emulating the African Youth, it contributes to integration and allows the AMU to detect new talents in Mathematics in order to secure a changeover of quality.
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PAMO 2020 : 28th Pan African Mathematics Olympiad 2020 Regulations
The African Mathematical Union Commission on the Pan African Mathematics Olympiads (AMUPAMOC) has published new PAMO regulations, applicable from January 1, 2001. These regulations cover matters that do not change from year to year. If a host country wishes to vary any of them, they must obtain the agreement of the AMUPAMOC beforehand...
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PAMO 2019 : PAMO 2019 took place in South Africa from 31 March to 6 April 2019 at AIMS South Africa in Muizenberg, Cape Town
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PAMO 2018 : The 26th Pan African Mathematics Olympiad PAMO/PAMO(G) 2018 took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 23rd to 30th June 2018.
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